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Niños hasta 11 años gratis

The price is per person for this public tour.
This tour can be turned into a private one for whichever number of people for a special price; you will be able to choose the most convenient date and hour. Make it personal and choose your language. In order to book the private tour you can do it through the reservation process or contacting us. 


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Punto de encuentro
Follow the yellow umbrella in Zocodover Sq.

Descripción de la Ruta


We will visit Toledo from the main viewpoints of the city to give a deep view from the old streets and corners from the city of the demons where two worlds mixed and faced each other: the eclesiastic power of the Cathedral vs the power of the noble power of the Ars Toletana. Throughout the tour we will learn about the School of Translators and its parallel school of thought: the Nigromancy. We will learn from alchemists, wise men, witches and the legends which emante from that moment. Legends which will become popular in the 16th and 17th creating a fascinating metropolis inhabitated by noblemen, ladies, arrogant priests, nuns in love, our Don Juan and also the decimononic characters who will discover this city like R. M. Rilke, Washington Irving, George Borrow and Luis Buñuel and his fabulous Surrealist Order. 

EXTRA! In saturday the tour include an exhibition of historical fencing

What do we visit:

From Zocodover Sq. we will directly go to the highest point of Toledo where the architecture of the Alcazar stares at the old city to inmerse afterwards into the only medieval neighborhood where the night scenography will caught you. We will visit the old School of Translators of our city to get inmediately into the district of the cemeteries. Streets that are not visited by tourists due to its labyrinthic urban grid connecting with the conventual area which is the one gathering the largest variety of heritage of the city to finish again in Zocodover Sq.


Length of the tour: 2h.

Other prices:

The price of the public tour is 12€/pax

Children: Kids under 11 for free
Private Tour:

  • From 1 to 30 people: unique price of 120€
  • From 31 to 50 people: unique price of 150€
  • More than 50 people: contact with us.


Por nuestra parte, nunca hemos cancelado una ruta. Si hubiera algún imprevisto, contactaríamos contigo con tiempo suficiente y te devolvemos el dinero. Si la quieres cancelar, puedes llamar el mismo día de la ruta para hacerlo. Si ya la has abonado y cancelas con 72 horas de antelación, te devolvemos el dinero.



Cómo reservar

A través de los botones de RESERVA de la web.

Por teléfono en el 608 935 856.

Puedes enviarnos un e-mail a [email protected]

En nuestras oficinas en Bajada del Corral de Don Diego, 5.

Formas de pago

Si reservas online puedes pagar en el momento de la reserva pero no es obligatorio. Puedes reservar sin abonar nada.

También puedes reservar online y después abonárselo directamente al guía antes del inicio de la ruta o en nuestras oficinas.

Si prefieres pagar por transferencia bancaria, contáctanos y te explicamos el proceso.

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